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Do Ingredients Really Matter?

It takes me forever to choose new shampoo, makeup, or, really, any product that I don’t make.  I research and research and research...ingredients, product reviews, toxicity ratings. etc.  Cosmetics are certainly not an impulse buy for me anymore! Does it really matter, though?  At the end of the day does all the time I put into researching a new product really matter? For me, the answer is YES! You see, I heard the word “cancer” way too many times during my college and graduate school years.  [...]

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Ingredient Spotlight: The Power and Beauty of Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal has become a popular buzzword in the beauty industry.  You may have watched a number of humorous videos as unsuspecting consumers attempt to peel a black plastic-like mask from their face, or maybe you've seen this ingredient pop up in products such as toothpaste.  The deep black color of activated charcoal makes this ingredient a difficult one to miss when it’s in your beauty products, but the benefits it yields also makes it quite memorable. First, let’s start by clarifying that the charcoal [...]

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The Best of 2016

As the first full year in business 2016 has been such a whirlwind with AJ Apothecary, and I feel so blessed that you are here on this journey with me!  I loved hearing what you love about AJ Apothecary this year, so I was curious what your favorite products are!  I posted a poll in my Facebook group, and my customers there voted for the top 5 products they love.  Let’s take a look at the favorite AJ Apothecary products of 2016! Honorable Mention: Deep [...]

Ingredient Spotlight: Tallow

Tallow is one of my favorite ingredients to use for the skin. This amazing element has some true moisturizing power to it, but I bet you would never guess where it comes from! To get right to the point- tallow is rendered beef fat. Trust me here! This nutrient rich ingredient works wonders on your skin! Tallow is one of the few natural elements whose fatty acids and lipids resemble the cellular makeup of human skin cells. Tallow is a great source of Omega 3s, [...]

Take a Look in the AJ Apothecary Kitchen

Welcome to the kitchen! I am excited to share with you a glimpse of what goes into making the AJ Apothecary products you love! The magic all begins with a blend of herbs, flowers, or botanical elements that I infuse into a carrier oil, such as avocado oil or sunflower oil. Doing this allows the oil to take on the skin soothing and body benefiting properties of the botanicals. My oils go through a double infusion process. I begin by combining the botanicals and oil [...]

Why Exfoliate?

We all want smooth, fresh looking skin, right? For most of us past the age of 16, that kind of skin requires a little work. Lathering the thickest body butters, most expensive serums, or other specialty products won’t work at all if we’re layering these products on dry, dull, flakey skin. Exfoliation is the one of the most important steps in healthy skin care. Exfoliation is the process of removing dry, dead cells from the surface of your skin. This process can be performed manually [...]

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Underarms, Coffee, and Natural Deodorant

Let’s talk about b.o… I know, body odor is not glamorous or exciting to discuss, but that is exactly why we need to talk about it! If you have ever tried a natural deodorant, I’m sure you’ve experienced the urge to itch your underarms like a gorilla while smelling like a pre-pubescent boy after gym class, all while trying to keep your composure and grace pretending like nothing is wrong (pretty picture, right?). Finding a natural, safe deodorant that actually works was one of the [...]

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Time for a Cosmetic Makeover

Let me start by being completely honest…I love, love, love my cosmetics!  It’s almost embarrassing how many specialty products I used to have!  I loved visiting the department store beauty counters, and I always felt so beautiful after having the store associate match the perfect lipstick color or suggest the best new skin remedy for me!  Every new product was a treat, and every beauty shopping trip was a special experience! These products in their beautiful, glimmering packages started to dull in their appeal as [...]