Hope, Encouragement, and Motherhood with Becky Thompson

Sometimes we just need someone to come along side to remind us that God loves us and we are going to be okay.  We need the reassurance that motherhood is hard, being an adult is challenging, and we’re not alone in our feelings, mistakes, and messes.  Friends, let me introduce you to Becky Thompson! God certainly uses her to speak love and encouragement into the lives of women who are in the throws of motherhood, struggling to keep it all together, or [...]

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Live Infinitely: My Favorite Fitness Equipment

To follow the article about my personal trainers at Marci Barker Fitness, I have to tell you about my favorite fitness equipment company- Live Infinitely! Live Infinitely offers a wide range of premium products that include fitness equipment, outdoor gear, water bottles, and apparel.  All of the equipment is made with high quality materials, the construction is superb, and the prices are affordable! The owners, Alicia and Shad, are avid adventurers and fitness enthusiasts, so they started Live Infinitely in [...]

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Building a Healthy Lifestyle With Marci Barker Fitness

I am typically pretty quiet about my weight loss attempts because I usually try something, then give up because I get bored, it’s not realistic in the long run, or it doesn't work for me.  However, my life literally changed when I started working toward a healthy lifestyle with my personal trainers at Marci Barker Fitness.  I know that may sound a little dramatic, but it’s true.  My physical health, self esteem, and outlook on life have all improved since [...]

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She Proves Faithful: Truth & Encouragement for Gospel-Centered Living

Have you ever met a new friend, and the two of you just clicked?  That’s how I feel while listening to  episodes of the She Proves Faithful Podcast.  The host, Lauren Hlushak, talks about the Truth in the Bible, her children, and housework tips, and it feels like I'm just having a conversation with a good friend. I'm convinced that if Lauren and I ever meet then we would be BFFs! Lauren is honest and real, and she sprinkles in [...]

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Sunergos Coffee: Caffeinated Comfort and Local Favorite

Coffee... What feelings, thoughts, or emotions does that word conjure up inside of you? For me, the thought of coffee brings feelings of comfort and warmth.  It makes me think of mornings cuddled on the couch in my favorite blanket made by my mom, holding a big, hot mug of steaming coffee.  It also makes me think of sitting around my parents’ kitchen table, laughing with them and my siblings. Basically coffee and my family go hand in hand.  Maybe [...]

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Link’s Minerals: My Favorite Natural Makeup Brand

  I LOVE makeup!  I love it, not for vanity, but for how it makes me feel.  When my eye makeup is perfectly on point, my complexion looks flawless, or I have a new bold lipstick color I feel confident and ready to tackle the day! Let’s be real, though, not all natural makeup is created equal.  They either don’t cover well, don’t have enough color, smear off your face throughout the day, or they really aren’t natural outside of [...]

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The Best of 2016

As the first full year in business 2016 has been such a whirlwind with AJ Apothecary, and I feel so blessed that you are here on this journey with me!  I loved hearing what you love about AJ Apothecary this year, so I was curious what your favorite products are!  I posted a poll in my Facebook group, and my customers there voted for the top 5 products they love.  Let’s take a look at the favorite AJ Apothecary products [...]

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Underarms, Coffee, and Natural Deodorant

Let’s talk about b.o… I know, body odor is not glamorous or exciting to discuss, but that is exactly why we need to talk about it! If you have ever tried a natural deodorant, I’m sure you’ve experienced the urge to itch your underarms like a gorilla while smelling like a pre-pubescent boy after gym class, all while trying to keep your composure and grace pretending like nothing is wrong (pretty picture, right?). Finding a natural, safe deodorant that actually [...]

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