I am typically pretty quiet about my weight loss attempts because I usually try something, then give up because I get bored, it’s not realistic in the long run, or it doesn’t work for me.  However, my life literally changed when I started working toward a healthy lifestyle with my personal trainers at Marci Barker Fitness.  I know that may sound a little dramatic, but it’s true.  My physical health, self esteem, and outlook on life have all improved since I met Marci.

In January 2016 I started my first Healthy Eating Challenge with Marci.  I was at my heaviest weight (aside from during pregnancy), and I did not feel very confident about myself.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the challenge, but all I knew at that time was that I was so tired of how I looked and how I felt that I needed to make some changes.

My steps toward change have honestly been a journey.  I’ve had great success with lots of weight and inches lost, gained knowledge and strength, but I also had challenges with stress and gained weight back.  However, I have the accountability and encouragement of the Marci Barker Fitness community that keeps me on track and focused on my goals.

Marci Barker Fitness is comprised of a team of five personal trainers who offer a variety of programs, assistance, support, and accountability through online platforms.  These women are highly educated, knowledgable, and passionate about helping you create a fun and sustainable healthy lifestyle.  They celebrate with you in your successes, and they help you find solutions when you face obstacles.

I love that Marci Barker Fitness values a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle.  Nutrition and exercise are obviously very beneficial to your health, but the trainers also emphasize the importance of water consumption, sleep, mental and emotional health, and self care.  It’s amazing just how much our emotional health, nutrition, and physical activity are connected!

Marci Barker Fitness offers a variety of programs to help you develop a healthy lifestyle.  These programs include the Healthy Eating Challenge, Healthy Family Challenge, Body Sculpting Challenge, Body Transformation Challenge, and Postnatal Challenge.  Each of these programs are 4 weeks long, and they focus on various aspects of healthy eating, high intensity interval training workouts, strength training exercises, and self care after having a baby.

When you’re actively participating in one of Marci’s challenges you gain access to the amazing community of Marci Barker Fitness VIP, Marci’s private Facebook group.  This group is only open to members of Marci’s Circle and people involved in one of the challenge programs.  Additional education takes place in this group as the trainers and other members answer questions and support one another.  I absolutely love this group!  It is so full of positivity and support because all of the members want to help each other succeed!  It is a safe place to share challenges and successes, and I can honestly say that the women here have become my friends.

Marci’s Circle is one of my favorite programs offered by Marci Barker Fitness!  This is a weekly newsletter that includes a workout, nutrition tips, education, and motivation every week.  I love Marci’s Circle because it’s like having five personal trainers right in your back pocket!  The information shared each week is so encouraging and motivating!  My favorite monthly focus was June: Just do it!  Talk about motivating!!!  The content of that month’s newsletters was awesome, and it encouraged me to be a bit more proactive and ambitious.  If you want to make long term strides toward a sustainable healthy lifestyle, then you need to get in on Marci’s Circle!

Members of Marci’s Circle also receive special perks such as the Protein Power Class, The Bread Spectrum Class, Foam Rolling Class, and Marci’s Meal Plan Database.  The Meal Plan Database is AWESOME!!!  It contains over 90 healthy recipes that are easy to make, taste absolutely delicious, and all of the macronutrients are already measured out for you!  Some of my favorite recipes are the peanut butter fruit dip, raw chocolate brownies, German pancakes, and ground turkey and sweet potato chili!  Even my daughter loves the recipes!

I absolutely love Marci Barker Fitness!  As I mentioned earlier, Marci, her trainers, and their programs have literally changed my life!  My attitude towards exercise, feelings about healthy eating, and acceptance of myself are literally a night and day difference from when I started my first Healthy Eating Challenge almost two years ago.  It’s amazing because I feel like I don’t even know the insecure woman I was then.

Marci and her trainers are so genuine, honest, and real, and they want to see you succeed in your goals.  Please connect with the personal trainers on Instagram and in their public Facebook group, Fun & Sustainable Fitness by Marci Barker.  You can also visit the their YouTube channel for free workouts, nutrition education, and motivation!

To celebrate the 2-year anniversary of AJ Apothecary Marci Barker Fitness is giving one winner membership to Marci’s Circle for 3 months!  Complete the form below to enter to win! Giveaway entries will close at 11:59 pm EST on Sunday, November 19.  A winner will be selected on Monday, November 20.  Giveaway only open to residents of the United States.  This prize is only available to individuals new to Marci’s Circle.

This article is one post in a 6 part series celebrating the 2-year anniversary of AJ Apothecary.  Visit the AJ Apothecary blog to read about more of my favorite people and businesses that participated in this celebration!

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