Hello!  I’m so happy you are here!

AmandaJoy, Owner and Product Developer at AJ Apothecary

I’m Amanda Joy, lovingly referred to as AJ by my husband. I am a wife, mother, woman of faith, and cosmetic enthusiast. Coffee and ice cream are my biggest temptations, and I honestly feel they are appropriate any time of day during every season. I love black and white movies, and Broadway musicals. I adore the grace, beauty, and talent of Audrey Hepburn and The Radio City Music Hall Rockettes.  I enjoy reading inspirational and personal development books.  My days are full of love for my husband, our daughter who we lovingly call Buggy (yes, the Buggy Booty Butter is named after her!), and our two pit bulls.

My parents taught me to embrace challenges and to take action when you need to find a solution. It was the health challenges of a few family members that led to the creation of AJ Apothecary. During my time in college and graduate school my dad, four grandparents, and two aunts were diagnosed with various forms of cancer. The experiences of my family members led me to research how I can reduce my own risk of such a terrible disease.

One startling revelation I encountered was that all of the high end cosmetics I loved using on a daily basis were filled with harmful chemicals and ingredients that could actually lead to the development of allergies, endocrine disruption, reproductive issues, and cancer.

However, making the transition to using safe, quality cosmetics that met my high standards was a challenge. I took matters into my own hands, and I created the high quality products I wanted with ingredients that I can use confidently without causing harm to my body. I now handcraft all natural body care products that are safe and meet my high beauty expectations.

You will see my family roles and personal interests influence the products, design, and values of AJ Apothecary. Thank you for allowing me to share these products and this experience with you!

Have a beautiful day!

Amanda Joy