I love the feeling of change that the new year brings!  The excitement of new goals, new dreams, and new looks give hope to the coming months.  The gyms are full of members eager for a new physique, savings accounts begin to grow with the hopes of financial freedom, and bucket lists are revisited in hopes of experiencing new adventures throughout the year.

The same holds true for businesses!  Goals for growth, improvement, and new adventures inspire business planning for the new year.  As my first full year in business 2016 was full of success, and it also had learning experiences, too!

Due to the lessons learned in 2016 and opportunities coming in 2017, AJ Apothecary needed a little facelift. I love the intricate detail of my previous logo, but unfortunately the sizes of some products did not highlight the true beauty of the design on such small labels (such as on my Lip Balm and Smooth Latch Moisturizer Nipple Cream).

I worked with Liz at Just Artin’ Around to develop a design that reflects the high quality products of AJ Apothecary while maintaining the classic and confident feel of the brand.  Over the next few weeks you will see the full transition over to this gorgeous logo, so I ask for your patience during this time.  Let me know in the comments what you think of this new logo!

I am excited to see how this new look represents AJ Apothecary in 2017!  There are so many opportunities, plans, and goals on the horizon!  My ultimate goal, though, is to provide you with luxurious body care products you want, that are safe, and that make you feel beautiful and confident.

Have a beautiful day!

Amanda Joy