Have you ever met a new friend, and the two of you just clicked?  That’s how I feel while listening to  episodes of the She Proves Faithful Podcast.  The host, Lauren Hlushak, talks about the Truth in the Bible, her children, and housework tips, and it feels like I’m just having a conversation with a good friend. I’m convinced that if Lauren and I ever meet then we would be BFFs!

Lauren is honest and real, and she sprinkles in some wit and humor that her listeners can really connect with.  She started the She Proves Faithful Podcast after seeing a need for women to be discipled and equipped with the Word of God.  She teaches a biblical worldview and offers “truth and encouragement to live gospel-centered lives every day.”  The podcast focuses on preparing women with the Truth of God’s good Word to prove faithful every day as excellent women, wives, and mothers.  It’s living a life that worships and glorifies God as we manage our daily tasks.

In 62 episodes (so far!) Lauren discusses topics that include hospitality, prayer, church history, grief, and anxiety, all centered on God’s Word.  The episodes are packed with scripture and biblical truth, but they also include life hacks, helpful hints, and ideas to help women in the journey of proving faithful.

This year I have been making a bigger effort to read my Bible more and expand my knowledge of God’s Word, and the She Proves Faithful Podcast has been such a blessing and beneficial resource!  I have learned so much from Lauren, such as information about the Protestant Reformation, church history, and catechism (I had no idea it wasn’t just a Catholic practice!).

One thing I appreciate from the She Proves Faithful Podcast is that Lauren teaches truth straight from the Bible.  There’s no prosperity theology, bending the Word just to make you feel good, or discounting any parts of the Bible because they may not “seem relevant” to today’s society.  Lauren really approaches topics head on and focuses solely on what the Bible says about them.

The She Proves Faithful Podcast really encourages me to dig into the Word, and it truly helps me strive to live a gospel-centered life.  I’ve learned about the context in which many of our favorite verses are pulled from, I’ve felt convicted in my sins, and I’ve learned how God equips me in my roles as wife and mom.  Lauren has taught me how we can glorify God in everything we do- from washing dishes, to our relationships, to our jobs.  We don’t have to be in church, behind a podium, or sharing the Word around the world.  Everything we do can be done to glorify God and share His love.

At the end of each episode Lauren signs off with this statement, “May you prove faithful in all the Lord has given you to do.”  It seems like such a simple statement, but for me it is a big reminder while I’m in the middle of balancing motherhood, homeschool, housework, relationships, and my business that God has blessed me with these tasks and these roles.  It is my job to be faithful and serve Him no matter how large or small the task may be.

Some of my favorite episodes are:

  • Is the Bible True?
  • The 2 part Anxiety series
  • The Myth of Neutrality- Is There a “Middle” Ground?
  • The Social Media Battle with Guest Laura Ferguson
  • When God is Silent
  • The Body Image Struggle
  • The 3 part Reformation series

…Oh, gracious!  They are all so good!

Lauren offers a few other gospel-centered resources in addition to the She Proves Faithful Podcast.  The In the Word Community is a great resource you can sign up for here.  It is a free monthly Bible reading plan delivered right to your email.  It includes the reading plan, verse of the month, catechism, and free downloadable prints.  She also has discipleship plans in the She Proves Faithful shop that are fabulous resources for individual or group study.

The second resource I absolutely love from Lauren is her Bible study on anxiety, titled Anchored: 7 Anxiety Relievers to Build Authentic Faith.  I have struggled with anxiety since my daughter was born (thanks, postpartum anxiety…), and this Bible study has been such a blessing to me!  The book itself is very thin (only about 50 pages), but it is packed with biblical truth and scripture!  I continue to struggle with anxiety, but when I start to worry I pray, think on the verses shared in this study, or go directly to the Bible.  Anchored showed me places in the Bible that address the issue of anxiety and how I can go to God and His Word for relief.

You can check out all of Lauren’s resources on her website.  You can listen to the She Proves Faithful Podcast on the website, on iTunes, or on the Podcasts app on your smartphone.  Lauren also loves to connect with her listeners on Facebook and Instagram, so pop in and say hello to her!

To celebrate the 2-year anniversary of AJ Apothecary Lauren is giving one winner 2 copies of her Bible study, Anchored: 7 Anxiety Relievers to Build Authentic Faith!  One copy for the winner, and one copy to share with a friend! Complete the form below to enter to win!   Giveaway entries will close at 11:59 pm EST on Sunday, November 19.  A winner will be selected on Monday, November 20.  Giveaway only open to residents of the United States.

This article is one post in a 6 part series celebrating the 2-year anniversary of AJ Apothecary.  Visit the AJ Apothecary blog to read about more of my favorite people and businesses that participated in this celebration!

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