What feelings, thoughts, or emotions does that word conjure up inside of you?

For me, the thought of coffee brings feelings of comfort and warmth.  It makes me think of mornings cuddled on the couch in my favorite blanket made by my mom, holding a big, hot mug of steaming coffee.  It also makes me think of sitting around my parents’ kitchen table, laughing with them and my siblings.

Basically coffee and my family go hand in hand.  Maybe we all have a caffeine problem, maybe it’s a comfort thing, or maybe it’s both!  All I know is we love our coffee, and we love our time together!

We don’t drink just any coffee, mind you.  Oh no… Our brew of choice is Sunergos Coffee.  Mmmmm!!!  This brand roasts their coffees locally in Louisville, Kentucky, and they offer a wide variety of blends that are high quality and responsibly-sourced.

I am by no means a coffee connoisseur, not even close!  However, when you find a really good coffee you can taste the difference!  The Sunergos coffees are rich and full of flavor!  You can really taste the quality!  My favorite blend is the signature Sunergos Blend. Sunergos says to “think chocolate, cherries, and walnuts” with this full body, medium dark roast.

I love the Sunergos Blend so much I that I use it in my body care products!  You can experience this blend in my Caffeinated Sugar Scrub (It smells just like my favorite cup of coffee!), and the it is infused in my Moisturizing Deodorant Stick and Moisturizing Deodorant Cream (Don’t worry- your underarms will not smell like a latte!).

If you’re in the Louisville, Kentucky area make sure you stop into one of the three (a fourth shop opening soon!) Sunergos locations!  The atmosphere is friendly and comfortable.  Even if it’s your first visit, you will feel like you’re right at home with friends.  I would suggest making time to enjoy your coffee in the shop because you will want to linger, chat with the baristas, taste a pastry, and savor every sip of coffee.  Make sure you grab a bag of coffee beans when you leave so you can enjoy the goodness at home, too!

Not in Louisville?  No problem!  Sunergos Coffee ships (cue the Hallelujah Chorus!), and they even have a subscription service!  How cool is that!?!

To celebrate the 2-year anniversary of AJ Apothecary Sunergos Coffee is giving away one pound of Sunergos Blend whole bean coffee and a diner mug to one AJ Apothecary friend!  Complete the form below to enter to win! Giveaway entries will close at 11:59 pm EST on Sunday, November 19.  A winner will be selected on Monday, November 20.  Giveaway only open to residents of the United States.

This article is one post in a 6 part series celebrating the 2-year anniversary of AJ Apothecary.  Visit the AJ Apothecary blog to read about more of my favorite people and businesses that participated in this celebration!

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