We all want smooth, fresh looking skin, right? For most of us past the age of 16, that kind of skin requires a little work. Lathering the thickest body butters, most expensive serums, or other specialty products won’t work at all if we’re layering these products on dry, dull, flakey skin.

Exfoliation is the one of the most important steps in healthy skin care. Exfoliation is the process of removing dry, dead cells from the surface of your skin. This process can be performed manually massaging the skin with a slightly abrasive mixture (such as salt or sugar), utilizing a coarse bristle brush (called dry brushing), electronically with the assistance of a rotating brush or specialty devise, or by the use of chemicals.

Whatever your preferred method, it is important to rid your skin of the buildup of dry skin cells. As we get older, our bodies do not shed skin or regenerate new skin cells as quickly as when we’re younger. If we do not exfoliate the dry cells build up on our skin, making our face and bodies look dull and weathered. This cell build up can also clog pores, which leads to the development of blemishes. The old dry cells on the surface of our skin can also negatively affects our bodies’ natural oil production and regulation.

Imagine a tarp lying on a patch of grass. The tarp is thick and does not allow rain to pass through to reach the ground. If we allow those dry cells to sit on the surface of our skin they act just like that tarp as a barrier to the healthy skin cells below. It doesn’t matter how much moisturizer we apply, the vitamins and nutrients of the moisturizer is going to be blocked by the dead skin cells.

So what kind of exfoliant should you use? The answer to that question is purely based upon your preference. However, I recommend different exfoliants for your body and face. For your face you want to use a scrub or polish that is very fine and gentle. The skin on your face is more sensitive than that on the rest of your body, so for most people a sugar scrub intended for the body will most likely be too abrasive for the face. For your body you can use a polish that is a bit more coarse.

I offer two sugar scrubs for the body that are luxurious! Both of my scrubs include sunflower oil infused with calendula flowers and lavender buds. They provide the body with soothing and moisturizing benefits while the organic sugar cane scrubs away those dead skin cells, leaving behind smooth healthy skin.

If you are a coffee lover, my Caffeinated Sugar Scrub is for you! Open this jar to release the aroma of fresh ground coffee. No synthetic fragrances here! This recent is created with all natural coffee roasted locally at my favorite coffee shop, Sunergos Coffee. In addition to the exfoliating benefits of coffee grounds and organic sugar cane, the caffeine in this sugar scrub gives the skin a perkier appearance!

My Refreshing Sugar Scrub has a light, fresh aroma perfect for refreshing your body and your mood! The scent is created using blend of spearmint, lime, and pink grapefruit essential oils. The use of cocoa butter, shea butter, and coconut oil add a natural light aroma and additional moisturizing benefits.

After exfoliating with my sugar scrubs, make sure to follow with a good body butter or cream to give your fresh smooth skin a dose of moisture! I love to follow the Caffeinated Sugar Scrub with my Comforting Body Butter, and I love to follow the Refreshing Sugar Scrub with my Refreshing Body Butter for an at home pampering experience.

Have a beautiful day!

Amanda Joy